The Journey

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’ve been blogging since I cannot remember but I know I started when I was still Elementary! I learned web designing through online friends and Google just so I could blog. I started with freewebs then Xanga, Tabulas, Blogger, Multiply and Tumblr which all didn’t last! My blogging journey is quite boring because I can’t keep long but very memorable as you can meet and learn with other bloggers around the world. I also tried to get hosted and that’s where I enjoyed blogging thru WordPress which made me pursue on having my own domain.


The Domain

This is my 2nd domain. I was with first. I didn’t wanna renew it anymore as I wanted to start fresh and new so I decided to buy a new one. Originally planned to buy “” since it was my previous WordPress handle but it’s not available anymore. HINAGARASU is still inspired from Haikyuu meaning baby crow which pertains to my son, Hinata Shoyo 🙂 Yep, as simple as that!

Registered: Namecheap
Date: June 29, 2020
Hosted by: Leprd.Space

Site Information


The Blogger

I’m a 30-year old Female blogger from Philippines. I usually blog random life updates and some of my travels and hobbies. It’s quite boring for some but it’s a personal keep for me 🙂 I have lots of fandom from Anime to Kpop. Haikyuu is my ultimate favorite anime so you’ll be seeing a lot of it specially from my toy collection 😀 I also do cosplay with friends, travel with my nendoroids and toy photography. Nice to meet you!