Hey hey hey! It’s been a while and I apologize to missed blogging some special events. Well believe me, I have the urge to update but when I’m in front of my laptop, I get so lazy I just sleep or read manga or play a game XD I hate that part of myself XD So it’s 2021 and I haven’t change! Still lazy AF updating this blog but not to the point giving up again XD So How is everybody?

Holidays 2020

Let’s go back first to 2020 holiday which I have planned before to make a blog for this but will just keep it short here.

    • First ever Team building happened last December 05 and it was a success! Thankful no one got sick and we had a really good time. Hopefully we can do more, of course safety protocols and such and pandemic begone! HAHAHAHA!
    • I won a freaking grand prize raffle on our team building! This rarely happens and probably chances are high but still, very rare to happen to win in a raffle! HAHAHA!
    • I gotta say, this Christmas and New Year celebration is new to me, aside from this pandemic shit happening, it’s my first time working on such holidays. Like from my 8years of working XD Thankful it was on WFH so I get to spend still with my family but yeah, I honestly don’t want to work on this specific holidays 😊 Let me work on other holidays except from these 2!
    • Christmas Gifts!!! I gave my brother a bike, my dad with my old laptop (just using it for 3months), my mom with an Air Fryer and a gaming laptop for myself 😀

Overall, it was a pretty productive holiday compare to 2019 though not the usual with all the extravagant xmas parties and hang outs like we use to but I can say, it was still a happy Christmas and New year for my family. Kinda blessed coz the we got 4 christmas baskets unlike last last year, we got none! XD

Hello 2021!

I honestly do hope 2021 would be better than 2020 but I can say aside from the pandemic, 2020 wasn’t that bad for me and for my family. I am still blessed with a stable work, income and our health are okay so I thank so much God for the blessings I receive last year.

A friend bought me a cake via grab food because we cannot hangout for my birthday. Pandemic ruining plans 101 XD

So life lately with 2021— January is my birth month and I just turned 31 last week XD Yes, I’m old and still single but I’m not lonely or desperate, sometimes a little frustrated but most of the time looking and moving forward 😀 HAHAHAHA! Dating isn’t my priority though there is always a peer and family pressure and I believe it will come if there will be. If not, then it’ll be me and my cats and games XD

As a birthday gift, I bought myself a Nintendo switch lite <3 I so badly wanted to have this since last year. September to be specific! But still on tight budget and priorities of course but this year is the time and so I have it now finally 😀

I also have another game, I bought it digitally— it’s Ni No Kuni <3

Speaking of games, I have been playing a lot. If you ever heard of Genshin Impact then you know how a lot of people invested their time playing this game and I’m no different XD Before I got switch and my gaming laptop, I play a lot that on my mobile but it was laggy so I pushed to buy a gaming laptop so I can play smoothly~ I guess this is one of the reason why I haven’t updated here XD And then here comes switch and I play Animal Crossing and Ni No Kuni. Practically managing time hours spent for each of these games coz I don’t wanna missed playing any of them in a day XD What just happened to me?

Anyways, that’s pretty my 2021 update. Let’s hope again I can update soon. I’ll probably to blog focusing on the games I played. Not really a review but maybe it’ll be like that? What do you think?

Oh yeah, if you’re gonna ask my collections, yes, upcoming orders are arriving and I wanted to do unboxing thing but yeah, the same reason why I cant XD I hate this part of myself XD HAHAHAHA!

Thanks for reading!


7 Replies to “2021 First Post!”

  • My, with dating. I am first time single in my life this year xD I want to huff a bit from this, tho, last time left me wounded.
    And woot for gaming! I love games, tho my laptop doesn’t handle a ,lot of them. I play mostly Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider and Witcher games xD

    • Hello! Hahahaha! I understand you taking a break for that but at least you’ve got being in a relationship experience but as of me i’ve got totally none ever since! HAHAHAHAHA! People like me still exist so don’t be shocked XD

      YES! <3 Games lift up my mood most of the time and a huge escape anytime 🙂 I have tried Assasin's Creed and Tomb Raider before too but not the updated ones. I'll see that Witcher coz I've seen that name before somewhere 🙂 Thanks!!!

  • I’m glad you and your family are still doing well during this pandemic! And happy (belated) birthday! haha, I actually got my mom an air fryer for Christmas too. Also yay for getting a Switch! I’m playing the same games as you, though Ni No Kuni is on the PS3 for me. Have fun with Animal Crossing! It’s such a cute and relaxing game. I hope 2021 will be a good year for you!

  • A belated happy birthday!

    Ooo yay for Switch. I have both the normal and lite one. I was playing Animal Crossing for a while but haven’t touched it months. Lately been working at the Grandia HD Collection…again. XD

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