Hey hey hey! Waddup!!! 😀 It’s been a while I know but here I am again updating my blog because 2 weeks ago, I was able to experience outside world like a normal working person again!

So we were asked to go back to the office to work there again for only 2 weeks. As simple as that 😀 The only worry I have before is that the transportation and lodging. Transportation is still very limited. Commute takes a lot of time I have at least 4 hrs worth of travel time which is indeed not ideal to do so. The stress and exhaustion will cost so I need to rent a boarding house for that. Luckily, my old landlady was very kind enough to let me get back to her house without letting me pay the 7 months I missed during the locked down (She’s so kind! Bless her!). The thing is, I can’t just only rent her bed space for 2 weeks so yeah I still paid for the whole month even though I’ll pack out after 2 weeks. Well, sacrifices has to be made XD

And so yeah, I was able to be blessed with a new content here because life being in locked down is boring and you don’t have anything to do much but to stay at home! I enjoyed my two weeks outside and seeing again my officemates and being able to do things (such us foodtrips) which feels like a normal thing again 😀


Here are the things I notice during my two-week outside journey. There’s really a huge difference now and this change is set to be the normal thing until we do not know when.

          • Transportation I work in Taguig and it’s quite far from where I live. Normally you can travel that for 2 hrs. It gets worst when traffic which will take you 4hrs XD So you may say there’s no difference with the travel time that I usually have to today which also takes 4-5 hrs travel period. But no, the difference is that first, yes, there’s not much traffic when I travel but the public vehicles are very limited. The usual road routes as well are changed so you have to strategize what will you have to ride next. Waiting game is the worst! I have to wait for a jeepney for an almost a hour to get to the bus station and also seats are limited. The buses gets easily filled as the seats are limited as well so there’s a chance you have to wait for the next bus. The MRT ride was pretty fine though, it’s like the very first time I rode the train so spacious XD Then walking distances has increased since they’ve change routes. Unloading are pretty far from your usual drop-off destination so it’s kinda pretty hassle. That’s why it’s a good thing I rented a bed space just to save myself from this kind of stress! XD
          • Commercial Establishments – Since Taguig is pretty well-known as one of the busiest city in Manila. Majority of BPO, Call Center and Shared-Services companies are here now so even on 12MD onwards, people are everywhere but now— none. Everything is so quiet by the time it reaches 8pm. My work starts at 10pm so I usually go out by 9pm and the usual go to fast foods, convenience store and coffee shops are already closed! The convenience stores (Lawsons, 711, Ministops) which are usually 24hrs are closed by 8pm! Shocking for me but yeah that’s the thing now XD There are some open but it’s too far away from my workplace. It’s good thing the Karinderya (road side food stalls/Canteen) in Kalayaan are 24hrs! XD
          • Face Mask/Face Shields/Temperature Check – This is what they say the new normal. Face masks and face shields are like part of your fashion now. Anywhere and everywhere you go, you have to wear them as a health precautions. They’re very strict with it and it’s better as well that we keep following because it’s for the good! Temperature checks always done whenever you go in an establishment or building. Sometimes it takes time as you keep filling-up contact tracing forms which I really find it hassle. One thing I hate wearing face mask is that I get out of breathe and it hurts my ear. Even inside the office we need to wear them and it’s tiring feels like your ears will tear off XD But of course as a precaution, we have to follow 🙂
          • Alcohol – Everywhere and anywhere and you should bring it as well. In which I notice it makes my hands dry up so much, maybe too much alcohol so yeah after alcohol I put lotion right away XD
          • Social Distancing? – Strictly being imposed everywhere but when you go to the mall there are a lot of people XD If you’re paranoid enough, you’ll hate going to the malls. Nowadays, probably when the locked down was lifted, there’s a lot of people in the mall. SM Fairview, SM North, SM Megamall and Market Market does have a lot, of course not as much as before but pretty much as you can say. I guess this is kind of an outlet coz for some reason I feel comfortable going to the malls XD As of the food establishments, they allow dine in now but limited. The usual 4 occupants are just for 2 and sits opposite together as part of social distancing. Some goes 1 is to 1 😀 In my workplace, our team was divided in to 2 groups, first 10 and 9 so I was on the first batch to RTO.

I guess that’s it 😀 Well, for me it felt normal that I went to work back in the office, be able to catch up with some friends, eat delicious foods and just being outside. I followed precautions as much as possible to avoid the risk. I still care so everyone should too so we can avoid 🙂 Now I’m back working from home. We’ll probably go back again next month and I plan to work in the office permanently if they allow since I am renting at a boarding house so it’ll not be a waste.

Some pictures to share during my Two Week outside journey! XD

So this is what I brought with me. A luggage yes. It feels like travelling abroad! Hahahaha! But yeah, mostly clothes and necessities I needed for my 2 weeks stay and of course my beloved babies <3 They’re travelling together with me <3
So here’s what outside at night. 2nd-3rd pic are the paths I walk in everyday going to walk. It’s bright but it’s quiet 😀 The MRT on the first picture is a fun ride because it’s spacious! Hahahaha! Very unusual for a Saturday ride 😀
FOOD TRIPS! I just made sure I ate a lot of good food for two weeks coz you know, i’ll be stuck at home again for a month XD HAHAHAHA! What I ate here are Coffee @Satchmi, Curry @Coco Ichibana, Pancake breakfast @Kanto Freestyle, Buffet @Vikings NIU, Shabu-Shabu @Shaburi, Milktea @Blackscoop and Mcdonalds <3



This is actually our last day! 😀
With a fellow Nendo mom!


That’s all I guess! Was it a long update? Thanks for reading till then and let me know you thoughts about this 🙂


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  • Me I wouldn’t mind being able to work at home. Though I’m sure it does get dull and lonely after a while. It is nice to sometimes get out of the house. Me, I still don’t go out a ton. Just doctors, work, and like the drug store mostly.

    Try to stay safe!

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