Well hello there and it’s now October! Time really flies so fast for sure specially if you were busy-bee and such you have so many things to do that you can’t do all of them XD Well, anyways, just here to update what’s up with me and so on~ I really do wanna blog a lot of things last month but I was so busy and tired I end up not doing it.

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So where do I begin? Hahahaha! Backtracking since September 1 I suddenly don’t remember anything that I do XD

September babies

Two of my family are September babies and we celebrated them despite the ongoing pandemic and everything turned out great 😀 My brother is  September 1, my sister is September 17 and of course I wouldn’t forget my beloved babies, Bokuto (September 20) and Tsukishima (September 27). I wasn’t able to celebrate for my toys coz I didn’t plan that much. I just did a throwback when I travelled with them as their birthday celebration 🙂

September 1: This is my brother and his monster pizza! He said he wanted to try the monster pizza so I did buy him for his birthday 🙂
September 17: My sister is an OFW and is in Qatar so we couldn’t celebrate together with her but that wouldn’t stop us to prepare something for here and a little video call will do 🙂
For my boys, I was with them when I travelled Tricity (IndoChina) for the first time last year since it was also their birth month so they’re the ones who accompanied me in this awesome journey! 🙂


Collections. For September I did have quite some few arrivals though they’re not nendoroids but they’re still Haikyuu merchandise XD I didn’t take much picture of them but I updated my unboxing youtube videos so you can see what I got. My YouTube— ahem XD I’m quite enjoying editing and stuff plus I do hope to meet fellow collectors out there too. I’m enjoying 😀 Hahahaha! Well, feel free to check out my recent hauls 🙂

Games. I’m currently playing Onmyoji (yes, like ever since and it’s been 3 years already? XD) and the newest is Final Fantasy XIII and Genshin Impact.

I recently played Final Fantasy XIII, the first one because I’ve been wanting to play this game ever since </3 So when I finally got myself a laptop, that’s the first game I went and download for XD So far I’m already at CH10 XD I love it so far!
Next is the very recent release Genshin Impact! It became a hype because it’s not your typical MMORPG game but rather I find it like Final Fantasy vibe and I love it! I’m not really fond of MMORPG games and just wanna stick into my own team battle and own decision making stuff to avoid complications but yeah, this game is very well-done and the story is good too! Aesthetically beautiful! I’m looking forward for the improvements and new updates!

PS: The game is playable in android, apple, PS4 and PC. You can download them here.


Welp! Here comes the serious part! HAHAHAHA! Well, it’s been 7 months since I’ve been working from home. My work is stable and I can say I can sustain our finances but honestly I’m tired. I honestly wanted to change to a new job that really exercise work-life balance because right now, I feel like I’m back to the old work environment that I have before (My very first job. Which is the reason why I left too).

The reason I had become very busy was I got promoted last September 1. I’m thankful that they have recognized me and believed in my skills but the question is, is it worth it? I have been asking myself recently and sometimes I think I just wanna go back down to being a processor in which I can still manage my time and focus on what I really do but right now I’m overloaded, I have a lot of backlogs to finish. I even work on weekends just to lessen my load! and that is UNPAID! It’s more like giving a helping hand for the team but until when will it belike this? I can’t even do any me time on weekends or enjoy my hobbies. It feels like I’m borrowing my time to do the things I love or if I got a little time, I would just spend it on sleeping and re-energize myself coz’ it’s too tiring 🙁

I know the company is just starting up. It’s only been a year. We have raised issues and concerns of what really needs, what is impossible and possible and what they can do but I don’t know when is that. I don’t know until when I can cope up with this situation but I’m honestly getting tired and impatient. Right now the only thing that keeps me working is that I need a work to feed my family and the company’s benefits.

If you have reached here. Thank you so much for reading. Until the next update then!


4 Replies to “September Highlights”

  • Well, happy birthdays all around! XD

    Ugh sorry to hear about work. I know how you feel with it being tiring. Though working without pay stinks. I hope it gets better!

  • This welcome back comment is long overdue but still, welcome back! 🙂

    I’m so happy that you’re loving FFXIII! I loved that game as well – it’s been years since I last played it (never finished it yet). I guess I really should go back to playing!

    I’m so sorry to hear about work 🙁 It’s really stressful especially with all the things that’s going on, but congratulations still for getting promoted! I know how you feel about being tired but just think – a lot of people would give anything nowadays just to be promoted or even employed in this type of situation! So you’re still lucky 🙂

    PS: Wow! That Monster Pizza is humongous! I don’t think I’ll be able to finish that lol

    • Heya claudine! Thank you!!!

      I still haven’t finished playing it as well XD I happen to find a new addiction but I’ll get back to it for sure 😀

      Yeah, still blessed with this pandemic. That’s what I’m holding on too since I still need work and all 😀

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