Hello! Another blog update for this month! 😀 August is a special month for the family and it’s because it’s my Dad’s birthday.

He just turned 73 last August 13! A lot of things happened before his birthday and I don’t know why but we seem to notice that every time his birthday gets near, he gets sick to the point he gets hospitalize 🙁 Are those like challenges or test he needs to pass thru? Well, we are thankful this year, it wasn’t as worst as last year.

So last month he went to the hospital because he’s feeling some back pains. He had his check up done and found out that it has something to do with his prostate. Luckily it wasn’t cancerous and can be removed thru surgery  (the quickest process) or by medication (long-term). Since we don’t have enough funds right now and in the middle of the crisis, he said he just wanted to take the medication. His number of meds have now increase. He’s already maintaining meds for his heart (he has heart problems), sugar (he’s diabetic) and now for his prostate. I am still thankful that nothing worst happen and this is seems to be mild and so glad that somehow he looks healthy. He’s old but he’s not that paralyze. He still can work around the house and independently. We are thankful for this blessing! Happy Birthday Dad!

Happiest 73rd Dad! Let’s aim until a 100! 😀 Honestly, this is the first time I saw him blowing a cake. He doesn’t really like doing something like this…


We don’t have much preparation but it was worth and meaningful as we ate together to celebrate his birthday 🙂


Baked Sushi has been popular around these days and so we’ve tried it (I ordered it tho) and it was heavy and delicious 🙂 Mom will try to make some time soon because it seems easy 🙂


Cake from Goldilocks! 😀


Happy Birthday Ushijima, Aone (08/13) and Yaku-san (08/08) !!!!

Also aside from my dad, I also have August babies from my favorite anime <3 HAHAHAHA! One can never fail to include them and a must to greet them XD I guess I’ll be doing this forever XD Happy Birthday to Yaku, Ushijima and Aone! These are my August babies from Haikyuu <3 Ushi and Aone have the same birthday to my Dad so they were able to get a cake lolz! I have posted something from them on my IG and Tumblr. Feel free to check them out 🙂

August Hauls!

Sharing this here as well some of my arrivals this August. I think I have some more coming this month or probably next month 🙂 We’ll see! The shipping right now is kinda pain the ass as most of the orders are being held or rejected from certain countries like one of my order coming from US, they started shipping it around June but was returned to them due to they don’t ship to PH and probably until right now. So it’s still currently on the seller and we don’t know when she’ll ship again 🙁 —I really wanna get that package tho! Sucks right now XD)

I have also here my unboxing video! 😀 This is my 2nd video on youtube! I’ll be doing more unboxing in the future 😀 Feel free to watch! Thank you! 😀 (The Ibaraki nendoroid will have a separate unboxing video. I have not done it yet XD)



That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! 😀

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