Hello August!!! It’s August now and time flies so fast! Checking my last blog post, it was June 22! Sorry I was not able to do blog updates. Though, I was actually around my blog for the whole month of July. I was busy setting up and fixing things around here before I could update. Yes, so just as you can see, I again have a new domain! 😀

Honestly it wasn’t really in the plan to have a new domain as I was gonna have it probably next year but then again here’s a friend who greatly influence me and yeah, the .com at namecheap was on sale so it’s tempting and of course why not now if I do have a plan to buy it sometime XD So there yah go! Welcome to Hinagarasu.com!

So why not Kimi-Hana.net again? Yeah, I just wanted to start fresh and new and about Hinagarasu, feel free to check my about page for a quick detail 😀

I did a lot of updates here. I’m also up for link exchange (Do bloggers still do Link Exchange? XD) and created some buttons and banners if some wants to use them 😀

Anyways, so what’s up with me aside from finalizing my site?


Well, I’m still working from home and there’s no problem with that. I am still thankful that work is still normal aside the WFH and I can earn and help my family. I guess we’re kinda getting use to this new normal thing? But the country is still definitely struggling the rising cases of Covid and well, the gov’t are trying their best as well but sometimes it’s off and a lot of issues going on with the world. Hope we could pull through this before the end of the year.


I have new nendoroids and new pre-orders XD Apparently I wasn’t able to estimate my July budget and exceeded with my normal purchase! I will take note of my August as well so I might not get shooked or something XD

Oh yeah, I also started youtube! Hahahahaha! Though I only have one video uploaded right now but I’ll try my best to come up with more. I’ll just probably do videos about my collections like unboxing and introduction stuff. Vlogging is still out of the question because I’m camera-shy but who knows? XD Hahahahaha! Here’s my first video upload for my youtube 🙂 It’s one of my newest nendoroid last June 🙂

I also have been playing some new games. I kinda stopped with otome games but they’re still there. So currently, I’m playing EXOS Heroes and ONE PUNCH MAN. These are for mobile games 🙂

This game is from LINE. So far it has a good story plot. It feels like those RPG games on console like FF or Tales. Also the graphics are so beautiful 🙂
I love One Punch Man! The game is easy. It’s just your typical mission, anime-based story game and you can draw cards for your team. Saitama ofc is not included. He’s like a special character XD

I also finally succumb myself and subscribe to netflix. Just one account though and I share it with my family from time to time 🙂 I recently finished watching Kingdom. It was good! I like it 😀 When will be the Season 3? 😀

Guess this is all my update from now! What about you guys? How are you? :0

4 Replies to “Hello August!”

  • I love getting new domains though I always gave SO much thought to what ones. XD

    Glad to hear you’re doing okay. Haha, I’m horrible sometimes with watching my spending. XD It can be so hard.

    • Hahahaha true!!! Kinda thought of a lot of name domains that I wanna own but not sure what to do with them XD Maybe sometime again i’ll buy again hahahaha XD

      Same! I’m trying to budget now but it seems August will exceed again XD

  • omg ,, im gonna have to do a link back because you keep changing your domain so it will be a good way to track you LMFAO
    i want to watch kingdom! ive heard good things plus i have free netflix HEHEH

    • Hahahaha! I know XD I’m sorry! I’ll have yours too here! Thank youuuu <3

      Yuppp!! Watch it! It's very exciting! 😀 Can't wait for S3! 😀

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