June 21, 2020 — It’s a special day where I have celebrated 2 occasions. One is family and one is personal. Let’s start with the first one! 🙂

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!!! Special day for the dads and be appreciative to of their hardwork. I honestly not a dad’s girl. I think I used to be before but then I realize I’m not really~ I realize when I was old enough that I don’t really jive with my Dad and for years he had misunderstood me. I love him as much as he says but I guess it’s just up to this and we aren’t that much affectionate to each other. We’re cool now. Before we always had fights because he tends to make everything a big deal and sometimes it gets too much and it gets on your nerves and you think this needs to stop. I’m thankful for everything. Like the hardships he gave, support all we needed and I’m not leaving him until he’s the one who’ll choose to leave or had to leave. I’ll be there to support whatever he needs.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! I hope you like our simple preparation 🙂

I just bought a cake 🙂 This very delicious cake is from Cara Mia called Mango Magnifico. This is my first try of their cakes and I did not regret it. My dad said it’s good coz it not too sweet. He isn’t in much sweet coz he has Diabetes but this is fine for him 🙂 Worth the price and worth the taste! I will try again their other cakes on the next occasions <3
Then Mom cooked Palabok and Hamonado 🙂 It was a simple preparation but our tummies filled well 🙂

Then next event, been preparing for this every year! (Actually just started last year but anyway). Have you ever been so attached to something that even if it’s not related to you or it’s just a fiction, and they wouldn’t even know but you’re so eager to want to celebrate their birthday? I just did! Hahahaha! I think it’s a norm nowadays coz I’ve seen most does it better than mine but yeah, my favorite anime character’s birthday is June 21 too! It’s a double celebration for me! He is so special that I have to prepare and be thankful to him <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HINATA SHOUYOU!!! <3


Here’s my IG post showing my Mini shrine of him <3
Here’s the view of the shrine I made XD I’m honestly very proud of this! I started collecting since 2017 and still ongoing. Though it really might hurt your wallet but I’m just so happy seeing these stuff like an achievement to me 🙂
More of him enjoying his own shrine 😀
Oh yeah, it would be incomplete without me trying to cosplay him XD Hahahaha! I tried my best though 😀

I had prepared Shouyo’s bday around 11pm @ June 20 so I could post on social media right away when midnight strikes so I’ve been awake since yesterday! Then I felt really sleepy around 5pm~ I just woke up just to blog XD

Last year, I had celebrated it with my friends. We went out on a café. Displayed all of our items and built a mini shrine of him too! It was so fun celebrating it with friends and I actually planned it just like that again but things change coz pandemic so I celebrated on my own XD Hopefully next year it’ll be with friends too!

So that’s all of it! Thank you for reading! 😀 Happy Father’s Day to your dads <3 and Happy Birthday to my dearest son, Hinata Shouyou! <3



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