Hello. What else can I say but yes, hello to you again my dear blog, it’s been a while 🙂 Finally had the motivation to update you. Been wanting to do so but I just can’t get in the mood yet but here we are finally. I guess I’ll start with a few life updates about me.

Apparently, I really did lost the motivation to keep a blog when I didn’t renew my domain. Sucks right? This has been my problem ever since like I can’t keep up to do  the things I like and keep losing the passion on it and then keep seeking a new one. I’m already in my 30s and still pretty much lost with what I wanted to do with. Probably affects a lot with my current situation as a breadwinner, arguing to myself if I should pursue what I want or what is better for living (my family) and yes, it’s pretty hard but I guess right now, you can say we are surviving? We still have a lot of problems to deal with but as long as you have the will to fight and keep move forward then you can. Life must go on as they say or you can just end things easily if you really don’t like it anymore. No, I’m not doing that really if you know what I mean but I ended up thinking. Yes, you can help it and it’s one of the easiest way to end such hardship if no one’s there to support or you find help 🙁 I know it’s sad and it’s bad but I was on that situation. But I can’t though, coz I’m scared— Hahaha! So we choose to keep moving forward and I love my family 🙂

This is pretty much a heavy update to start with. Though I didn’t intended to but yeah it went there. Maybe because of what I still feel about myself and in the situation I’m in and everything just flows on what I wanted to write about here XD Anyways, so much for the start of drama! Let me give you update on what’s currently going on about me 🙂

Oh before anything else, just wanted to tell how I manage to comeback here (and probably gone again XD) but apparently, I’ve been receiving emails from bloglovin’ and all are about “USERNAME” has followed your blog and they were a lot?? Kimi-Hana.net is already dead and I know those users are just some bots or whatsoever but it made me remember that I have still a blog here and also, 2 blogger friends help me decide to comeback coz they’re actively updating their blogs 😀 and makes me wanted to do so XD I just got inspired to write stuff again XD So shout out to these lovely fellas~ Catacatacaka & angielfexo thanks for keep blogging! Blogs are not yet dead! XD

Well we all know right now we are in a situation that will be kept in History. A pandemic has occurred in 21st century and until now, the countries are still struggling— to survive and look for a cure. For our country, we are still in lockdown. It started March 15 so it’s already been 2 months of lockdown and I haven’t stepped out as well since that time. I’m for sure very satisfied being a homebody but right now, I’m so bored inside and makes me want to go out but of course we can’t and as much as I wanted, I still have to follow.

I can say I’m one of those privilege people who can continue normally with life even if it’s pandemic. What I mean is, I still have work, I can eat 3 meals a day, we’re not sick though still financially struggling but can manage. I can still play games, watch anime/movie, shop online and sleep peacefully tho it’s so hot right now (summer in the PH). I am currently working from home. Thanks to the company for considering this that everything still feels normal but thinking outside of it, it’s so sad to see your fellowmen suffering. I just hope everything gets back to normal and we could live out our lives again~ I know it will happen but hope it’ll be soon.

My sister is working in Qatar right now and she said people are also suffering there. Specially the gov’t doesn’t provide much support system towards their foreign workers. Also, the gov’t decided to cut down their salary that’s why somehow it has affected our monthly budget. Unfortunately some workers as well have been laid-off which is luckily my sister still can keep hers.

My brother on the other hand is pretty much a bum. They don’t have online classes like others do coz not all are privilege to do so. So we don’t know what their school is planning right now but I hope they could just consider leaving of this semester and proceed to the next one. I have already paid his tuition tho. Hopefully they will come up with a better plan after this.

Mom is frequent on going out to do some buying for the household so I’m thankful she’s healthy and strong but still needs to be careful. She has begun to be health conscious every since with health card. It’s good as she can monitor and maintain herself. Since it’s social distancing, there’s no Zumba agenda for the Moms in the neighborhood so she does it with herself alone thru youtube which I find it cute 🙂 My mom gets adorable sometimes. My dad is okay too. He’s really old but he can still manage to do some house works. We do not stop him from doing what he wanted to do but we keep telling him if he can’t anymore, he can just stop and tell us what to do. So far it’s good.

Overall, we’re okay. Aside from I’m getting fat during this pandemic XD I wanted to exercise but I’m so lazy XD HAHAHAHA! What do you usually do while on lockdown? How are your situations during this pandemic? I hope you guys are all alright!

This is all for now for the update. I quite written a lot but hope you don’t mind reading and sharing your thoughts okay? I’ll be back with my 2019 Life updates then! Thanks for reading!


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16 Replies to “Life Lately…”

  • Hiya Xian! Good to hear from ya. Didn’t know you moved here.

    In my years of blogging I’ve seen a lot of people who suddenly lose interest in blogging and suddenly spring back to life so I guess that should be pretty normal in that you’re not alone. I would suggest, though, that the next time you purchase a domain, maybe something that you know you will surely keep in the long run. A domain name only costs around $10 a year which would be around 40 pesos a month. Then you just need to get free hosting somewhere. 😉

    This pandemic sure is keeping everyone at their wits end. Hopefully there’ll be a vaccine soon so everyone can start going out again.

    • Hahaha! I didn’t pretty much went around and said the good news but yeah, I came back on my spare blog XD Hehehehe~

      I knooowww~ it’s really cheap but the problem is when I get lazy, I get lazy big time and find it nonsense to continue XD LOL! I know i’m bad at this so I guess imma stick with having this one for now~ hahahaha!

      You’re early btw! Good morning! 😀

  • I feel this. Its really hard to choose between what you like and whats better for your family. And sometimes, you start to forget what you want because you are always thinking whats better for them 😭 kaya natin to. Fighting!!

    • Jaaaassss! <3 True~ you really have to weigh which is which first and majority of us are weak towards our family so we can't prioritize much only on ourselves. Sad~ Thanks for dropping by! Maybe you wanna try blogging too? 😀

  • Hi Hina. I am so sorry you felt that way! I know it’s okay to feel that way because they are how you felt about your situation, I just hope you’re okay. It’s okay to talk to others about it too, so im glad you just mentioned it in your blog. Message me if you need to rant about anything!
    I’m also in lockdown here in America. BUT lots of people want to act like this isn’t real, so they are going to the beaches, driving everywhere , and not wearing masks. So I’m also happy to be a hobbit stuck at home LOL
    My life here is good. I had to move out from home in Chicago, came to my husbands family house in California. and luckily i moved before lockdown began here in america! so now my husband and i art stuck at home together always 🙂 hehehe
    well thanks for the update cant wait to read more from u!!

    • Thank you Kiki! Life still must go on! 😀

      That is sad to hear~ and that would make the numbers increase. Sometimes I want to understand their feelings of being locked up but yeah, they aren’t helping the situation as well~ I really hope this ends soon!

      Glad to hear you’re good during this pandemic!
      Hahahaha! Thanks! I will try my best to update XD

    • Hahaha! Thanks unnie! You happen to slip thru my emails and notifying me you updated your blog after a long time as well XD Hahahaha! that made me wanna do it XD Hope you keep on blogging too!

      • hiatus was 3 years and 2 months to be exact! lol. so you’re not alone who lose interest sometimes. But i think I’ll be staying for a while due to this pandemic. wala din talagang ganap 😀

      • Ang ironic no? Kung kelan we only stay at home, ginanahan tayo magblog XD dapat kasi yung you can go all out at madami kang ginagawa, ang dami mo rin nun pwedeng iBlog XD hahhahahaha! But yeah, I’m gonna try to update kahit every weekend or 2 a month. Sana ikaw din kahit malift yung ECQ 🙂 let’s continue blogging 😀

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know the feeling. I try to post on my blog at least once a month… though I wish I could do more. It is hard to feel motivated to do it. If you have a job working at a computer all day it makes it even harder, haha. I’m glad you and your family are doing good. This whole situation has just been nuts, it almost feels surreal still.

    • I know that feeling! Hahahaha! It’s like your so overwhelmed using computers everyday and now you have to deal again when you update your blog! XD hahahaha! Thanks!! Stay safe too! 😀

  • I hope you would never try to end your life. Definitely not the answer. I get the feeling though, I get those passing thoughts sometimes but would never act on it either. Probably mostly out of fear. But do try to stay strong and safe!

    Yeah this whole thing is crazy. I hope stuff can go to some form of normal but I have my doubts. Good to hear your family is doing as well as can be expected. Please stay safe!

  • I felt the same in my 30’s, I struggled all through my 30’s with what I really wanted to do with my life. I was also usually the primary breadwinner or fairly equal with my partner and now my husband and I. This past year since about March I decided to go back to school and now I am enrolled full-time in university getting a Computer Science degree at almost 40 years old. It’s never too late to pursue what you really want to do. I know how hard it is to make that choice though especially when money is involved. I wish you luck and hope you are able to pursue your dreams.

    Kadie ♥ The Great Canadian Housewife | A Story About A Girl

    • Hello! Thanks for your wonderful insight 😀 I am now starting little by little and I just hope I have all the patience to do this! Let’s do our best! 😀

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