Hello! It’s been a while~ I haven’t been blogging since last September? I stopped right after my trip to Indonesia and after that I have several events and topics to blog about but unfortunately I was lazy enough to do so. It’s has always been like this and I hate myself for that.

So as you can notice, Kimi-Hana.net is no longer active. It expired last January 26, 2019 and I decided not to renew because I felt like it’s no use for me to keep it up. I cannot maintain to keep my brand and it felt an extra expense for me if I’m not gonna use it thoroughly. So yeah, for now we say goodbye to kimi-hana.net and thank you to Candyrain.org for hosting me and Jamie for the recommendation 🙂

I still wanna blog and I think it’s convenient for someone like me to just have a free blog like wordpress or tumblr and keep everything else simple since I don’t blog for business or anything and it’s okay if I don’t get readers and make everything as interactive as like before. I think I’m fine just me keeping myself a blog. This will do for a while.

Updates from me? Well, I’m still lazy XD I’m thinking of having a 2018 summary since I missed blogging some stuff from before. I also want to keep a blog for my nendoroid babies so might do it here as well 🙂

That’s all for now. Here’s my new link. I make it sunnycrow coz I still dedicate everything to Haikyuu specially to Hinata Shouyo XD I’m still open to link exchange if you want XD Just expect me to not update regulary XD HAHAHA! Thanks for reading 🙂


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A 30yo struggling blogger from Philippines. I love anime and my favorite is Haikyuu. I’m a nendoroid collector and an amateur photographer. I keep this blog for my personal life updates and hobbies.


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