So here’s part two of our Indonesia Trip. Our main purpose going to Indonesia is this event, AFAID 2018 (Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia 2018). If you’re not familiar with AFA, it’s an anime convention that is held in Southeast Asian region. It’s probably the largest Asian Anime Convention held every year and it being held in different countries and one of them is Indonesia. The next AFA is in Singapore this Nov 30- Dec 2 (We wanted to come here as well but we’re so broke right now XD). It’s gonna be their 10th Anniversary 🙂 3 of us only attended Day 2 and Day 3. On our day 2 we cosplayed and on Day 3 we came in normal mode 😀

This is my very first international anime convention and it has been my goal to attend out of the country anime convention and to be able to cosplay and I thank God it happened last last week! Thank youuu! HAHAHAHA!

If you haven’t read part one which is our Jakarta Trip, click the link here:

Oh, so before anything else, we got a chance to enjoy the amenities of the condo. The free pool! HAHAHAHA! We got up early for this XD


It would really have been great if we still have an extra day to spend here in our Condo. Everything is so cozy and staycation like~ Next time we will keep that in mind XD HAHAHAHA!



We came as Sakura Kinomoto in Alice in Wonderland version, Reimu of Touhou Project and Tomoyo Daidouji in Maid version.

Then the first thing we did was to have photo ops with Thames (Guest Cosplayer).


 Yes, that is me fangirling inside XD HAHAHAHAHAHA! I should have come on Day 1 because he cosplayed Ootengu and Ootengu is my all time favorite Shikigami in Onmyojiiii </3 But I’m fine, with this XD HAHAHAHA!

And then after his Photo ops, went to AFA Shop where Baozi and Hana were there for autograph signing and selfie 😀


BOYYYY!! I’ve been following and admiring them like forever and this is the very first time I meet them so near and I got a selfie with them I criiiii <3 Because I never get a chance in Philippines so I just came all the way here to meet them XD HAHAHA! They’re both so adorable <3

And then we roam around while waiting for the next event I signed-up to. It’s BaoHan Make up session 🙂

2018-09-10 10.37.13 1
2018-09-10 10.37.03 2
2018-09-10 10.37.03 1
2018-09-10 10.37.11 1

Then we went for the Make-up session! 😀


BaoHan offered a simple make-up tutorial for those who wanna learn and since I’ve been a fan of them I wanted to learn some tips since they’re really good with make ups 😀 Their session is worth 500k IDR which already includes 1 eye shadow palette and 1 lipstick from their own makeup brand Flower Knows, a poster for photo signing after and photo ops. It’s pretty expensive, but I think it’s worth the experience~ except for one thing I didn’t expect the most. The make-up session was in Indonesian even when BaoHan speaks in Chinese, it was translated only to Indonesian so I understand barely nothing. I thank Baozi for giving some effort to speak in English even tho he’s having a hard time but at least the host could accommodate to speak in English right? (BAOZI JUST DID!) knowing foreigners would be around. “Well this is Indonesia so everything is Indonesian” Oh okay~ I’m sorry for being a foreigner XD And the host was given an heads up to at least speak in English because there are foreigners but yeah, it was no help. Maybe others don’t mind as long as they can see Baozi and Hana but man, I do mind. Should I just watch their youtube next time? Yeah right. But I still enjoyed because it was more private with them and not so strict unlike here in PH, so many rules when it comes to guest cosplayers. So I still thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was not in the mood right after everything so we just roam around and Day 2 was so jam-packed with people! It’s so crowded. It’s hard to move so it adds up more to my mood. It was tiring until it’s time to go home.


Day 3 was the last day of AFA Event as well as our last day in Indonesia XD We went as normal people this time~

2018-09-10 11.59.36 1

Here we go to Day 3!

It’s pretty much less crowded and smooth sailing~ So it wasn’t as pressured as the Day 2. We came around 11am and our agenda for this day was BaoHan Canon Photo ops, Hiroto Activities and Merch hunt.


Yaaaasss! My second photo with them! They cosplayed Ten Count <3 All time favorite BL Manga <3 So adorable <3

While waiting for Hiroto’s Kabedon, we went to check out booths and stumbled here in Food Fantasy 😀


They have so many freebies as long as you have the Food Fantasy installed on your fone! I’ve been playing this for months and it’s a pretty good game. The food characters are so gorgeous and I personally like Coffee and Tempura <3 They also had a quiz game where you guess the voice of the character and my friend won a headset 😀


The first Hiroto activity was his Kabedon so we fall in line early so we could experience this! HAHAHAHA! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME AND I WAS SHAKINGLY NERVOUS! XDD Hirotooo whyy youuu XDD AHAHAHAHA! I have a video on my facebook but I’m shy to share it here but here’s the screencaps from the video XD Thank you for the Kabedon Experience XD HAHAHAHA! See you this CosMania 2018! <3


So I stumbled upon this booth and IT’S HAIKYUU!! Omaygaadd my hearteuu! And there were adorable cosplayers that I had to take pictures no matter what XD

I also brought with me my KageHina nendoroids and asked the cosers to hold them while I take a pictures. OMG! It’s so precious seeing them holding my babies XD AHAHAHAHA! Well, as you all know, I’m a Haikyuu Trash ever since I watched this so Haikyuu is Life XDDD Thank you to these precious cosers! You guys are awesome <3


Next Hiroto activity is his Photo ops where you can take a selfie with him <3 Isn’t he so adorable? <3


Then we stumbled upon this huge Team Pop Epic Comic wall and it’s so good to take pictures with it 😀 Very instagrammable XD

2018-09-10 12.10.01 1

And we really did have fun playing around this area XD HAHAHAHAHA!


Then it was time for Hiroto’s Autograph signing 😀 And this is his last activity for the day! Thank you Hiroto! <3

2018-09-10 12.09.31 1

Honestly we had more fun in Day 3 than in Day 2 😀 I like how it was so free specially when it comes to guest cosplayers. You can see them walk around, there’s also free High Five to all cosplayers. Selfie is not a big deal. You don’t have to pay for a selfie. There are so many freebies too! They’re very generous tho 😀 Look at me above, I look like I did a shopping spree but yeah, majority of that are freebies XD


So these are my loots for both Day 2 and Day 3. I really did spent much on fan merch items and official but there are so many freebies too! This is like my first time receiving so many merch in a convention because of freebies <3 Thank you!

2018-09-10 05.06.00 1

And it’s time to go home 😀 We left AFA around 5pm so we could prepare and check out by 6pm. Our flight’s 1130PM 🙂 Bye Indonesia! It was an experience! We will comeback soon for sure! 😀 I need to explore you more XD

BONUS STORY: We all know that it’s the same day as ASIAN GAMES 2018 and we heard that Super Junior was invited for their closing. My friends and I were joking like what if we see them, I am totally fangirling my ass out for that! But that was just what if XD And around 10PM, a commotion happened and they’re really here! OMG! WE SAW THEM SO NEAR! DAMN NEAR I CRII!!! THANK YOU FATHER GOD FOR THIS AWESOME FINALE OF OUR TRIP! XDDD I LOVE MY OPPAs SO MUCH XDDD


You may check out my IG for the video and the whole effin’ story because I have a long story to tell about this meetings XD HAHAHAHA!

PS: Check out our customize hashtags #BCXSAlostinIDN for our Jakarta trip and #BCXAinAFAID2018 for our AFAID Experience! Thanks for reading! 😀


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  • omfg im crying you guys saw SUJU lol

    Wow, tbh I never like cosplaying but I been getting inspired lately. First, I would need friends who cosplay. I feel shy cause I honestly wanna look either really cool, or really funny. I don’t wanna be lazy about cosplaying tho lol
    Here in america, a lot of cosplaying is usually half a$$ed and not taken too seriously which isn’t bad but like, idk it never inspired me to cosplay. But if I can do something like u and your friends, then i would definitely go every year lol

    It looks like you had so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing <3

    • Hello Kiki! <3 I'm legit crying too when I saw them! I was so near and it wasn't that much of fans and like I was face to face with them XDDD They even made eye contact with me and bowed when I called them I'm totally fangirling goals XDDD Ahhh~ most unforgettable moment of my fangirling life XD

      Well before, I didn't want to cosplay as well coz I'm not confident enough to do it alone and for myself. I feel like I wont be giving enough justice to the characters that I will cosplay~ However, I meet people and they're very supportive. We help each other too so I had the urge to do my best~ of course I don't want to do it half-assed as well so I researched a lot, study make-ups and prepare for the longest time so I can pull it off well, not for anybody to appreciate coz I know people have different thoughts but for my self satisfaction that I can say I did a good job cosplaying this character 😀 Ofcourse during the starting days, you started lame but as time goes by and you learn a lot of things, you get to improve as well 🙂 It's fun! Specially when you're with friends that loves also what you're doing 😀 If ever you find someone who could do it with you, go ahead 😀 I'll be looking forward on your debut! 😀

  • Looks fun!! AFA looks interesting! If you want to try other overseas events, try Comic Fiesta! HanaBao are always guesting there din. I see them all the time, pero di ako nakakalapit kasi laging may stampede ng fangirls whenever they go to their booth xD But since it’s in Malaysia, they speak English naman! Although this happened to us na rin before, the interviewer kept talking in Chinese naman ;; But it’s always fun and it’s a nice change from the local cons hehe.

    • Hello Chai! 😀 We had fun din naman talaga and it’s our first time 😀 Heehee~ Ohh! We plan to go to CF this year too kaso di pa rin kami makakuha ng seatsale XD (umaasa sa seatsale) at parang malabo na ata? Are you going din ba? 😀 We want CF talaga XD Meron din naginterview sa amin XD Japanese naman sya pero marunong mag Indo so pinaghahalo nya yung japanese and indo kaso ang labo nya talaga eh XD Hello lang kami ng hello XD Nakakatawa na lang XD

      Thanks! 😀

      • Haha fun pa rin naman no kahit medyo may language barrier! Nakakatawa lang sa ganyan kasi minsan may words na same sa Filipino and Bahasa (Indo and Malay) tapos minsan naiintindihan ng mga tao ganyan xD

        Yep we’re going! Yearly thing na yung pagpunta namin haha! Di kami nagseatsale. Di na kasi mahintay, lalo ang lapit sa Christmas ng CF ngayon (22-23) huhu. If ever makapunta kayo, let me know!! Para meet tayo dun hehe <3

        • Truee!!! Nakakatawa pag bigla mo na lang maiintindihan XD HAHAHAHA!

          OMG! Niceee!! Nagtatalo kami ng mga friends ko if AFASG or CF kasi naman maganda line-up din ng AFASG but if ever nga matuloy din kami CF, yes please! I’d love to meet you and I’ve been following you on social medias for a long time 😀 Thank you! <3

  • Eeeek this looks so fun! Congrats on your first international convention and wow, look at all those cosplayers and all those events! It’s nice that it’s easier to interact with guest cosplayers there than in the Philippines. I heard in some conventions that you have to pay to have a photo taken? 😮

    And OMG those comic walls are super Instagrammable indeed! Even if I don’t cosplay, I think it would be pretty fun to go to these events just to get myself some merch and see what else they have to offer XD

  • I love love Anime Conventions as I’ve been to so many and while I haven’t been able to go to another one in a long time…I still enjoy the hell out of them.
    Oh my god, I’m so jelly of those cosplays and the fun you had.

  • Sounds like you’ve had a great time! I love the purple wig 😀 I’ve never been to an anime convention as they aren’t really my thing but I’ve heard that they are always fun! 🙂

  • It’s neat that you got to check out AFAID. Love how everyone is dressed up and you look gorgeous! Pretty cool to see everyone participating and sharing positive vibes. Love the goodies you got from AFAID!

    Nancy ♥

  • I’m so jealous! I haven’t gone to an anime convention in such a long time now. sniff Damn adult responsibilities. haha

    You guys look so cute in your cosplay! So many awesome cosplayer pictures too.

  • It sounds like you had an awesome time. There was so much to see and do and it’s cool you were able to meet them. It’s a shame about the non-English session, but hopefully, everything else makes up for it. 😀

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